Dave Hemingway of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South is back.

And sounding better than ever.

The man who once told us he loved us from the bottom of his pencil case, The Beautiful South’s Dave Hemingway is back and sounding better than ever.

Together with erstwhile South colleague, guitarist/songwriter Phil Barton, new discovery singer/violinist Laura Wilcockson and top UK session drummer Marc Parnell, Dave has returned with SUNBIRDS.

Although born and bred in England the band's sound predominantly features the instrumentation of traditional American roots music combined with the occasional injection of guitar heavy melody more associated with Seattle in the late 80's.

However, you can only sing about what you know.

“Although a lot of the songs have an Americana feel” says Dave “they’re still about life in England. You’re going to feel a bit daft singing about pick-up trucks and low down honky-tonks when you live in Yorkshire.”

Having previously served up seven songs on The South’s 2012 offering Sweet Refrains, Dave and Phil decided that subsequent material would be better served free of the ‘golden millstone’ that the name provided.

“Now we’re Sunbirds we’re free to dig a little deeper into ourselves", says Phil "while still also free to write about everything & anything else we want as long as it’s something worth singing about. Music is a powerful vehicle and can challenge a person's thinking. To just sing "I want to do this or that to you" seems a wasted opportunity”.


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With the vaccine rollout going well we're hopefull this gig will go ahead as planned, but please be aware when making bookings that it may be moved back, thanks


The view from planet Sunbirds..

Phil's Blog #1  

Hi, to those who don't know me I'm Phil I'm the guitarist of Sunbirds and to those who do - yes it's that idiot...

I thought I'd have a go at a Blog. I've always enjoyed writing, but until now kept my thoughts to myself in a diary. I've spent many years getting to this point in my life and I've decided I'd like to share the journey from here. Hopefully it's going to be interesting as well as informative; and if anything I write is of benefit to anyone then all the better.

I thought I'd kick off writing about the making of Cool To Be Kind, ok, not the most inspired choice of subject I know, but I need to start with what I know.

I'm going to add to this over the coming weeks as I go through each part of the process, from having the finished songs in my head to the release of the album. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!  Cheers.

Phil, Nov 2020


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We're very proud of this album. It's taken us a lot of love, time and energy to make it. It's currently available to stream on all the usual platforms, however if you prefer, like us, to immerse yourself in the full album experience in the order the tracks were designed to be heard, you can order the CD below, many thanks x