Having retired from the live scene at the back end of 2016, Dave Hemingway has been keeping busy with guitarist and songwriter Phil Barton putting together a new band with new songs and a new album.

The type of music Sunbirds make salutes all the artists the band has loved over the years. It takes the instrumentation of Americana adds a twist of grungy guitars and sets them against lyrics that remain very much at home in the towns and cities of England.

“Although a lot of the songs have an Americana feel” says Dave, “they’re still about life in England. You’re going to feel a bit daft singing about pick-up trucks and low down honky-tonks when you live in Yorkshire..”

Together with Laura Wilcockson on vocals and violin and Marc Parnell on drums, the band have recorded 12 new songs and are about to release their first album entitled “COOL TO BE KIND”.  An album that covers many contemporary themes as well as age-old matters of the heart and soul. All viewed through the bottom of a recently drained pint glass.

“There’s no exact science here” says Phil “we’re just enjoying making music together and expressing whatever we want, whether it be about love, social isolation, envy or Gary Lineker’s crisp adverts”

Sunbirds will be coming to a town near you as soon as it is possible to do so. In the meantime, by subscribing to our mailing list we’ll send you one of the new songs entitled “Hatred Lies In The Ruins Of Love” a song that speaks of an unspoken universal truth that maybe we’d all own up to if we could.;) We hope you enjoy it!

This band is genuinely a self-financed labour of love for us all, we’ve thrown our lives into this and we’d love you to join us on the journey.

See you as soon as it is possible xx