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Phil's Blog #1  

Hi, to those who don't know me I'm Phil I'm the guitarist of Sunbirds and to those who do - yes it's that idiot...

I thought I'd have a go at a Blog. I've always enjoyed writing, but until now kept my thoughts to myself in a diary. I've spent many years getting to this point in my life and I've decided I'd like to share the journey from here. Hopefully it's going to be interesting as well as informative; and if anything I write is of benefit to anyone then all the better.

I thought I'd kick off writing about the making of Cool To Be Kind, ok, not the most inspired choice of subject I know, but I need to start with what I know.

I'm going to add to this over the coming weeks as I go through each part of the process, from having the finished songs in my head to the release of the album. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!  Cheers.

Phil, Nov 2020


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